Toe nail designs

So I realized that I left my whole kit to my dad's hands last week. Fortunately, I had some back to get pictures that helped me. I'm going to be picking up the kits on Friday, yay. In essence, has everything I need (cuticle creams, nail clippers, transparencies, art stuff).

One of my drawings back I was saving for later was again another toe. This time, with white tips (oh white Polish because you curse me!) I used OPI Nail Polish Alpine Snow

For the variegated stuff I have used nail art objects from Viva La nails that were given to me for review.

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The sparks of cool stars are actually "Gleam", and the pictures do not do any justice. When they capture the right lighting back shine beautifully. The only downside is that they are thicker than most glitter.
It requires a few good finishes to seal so that they do not tear off.

nail designs,nail polish blog,french manicure,french pedicure

The design of flower is from their collection of white nail stickers. There are also thick as kind of a foam. A real pain to put topcoat. Suppose that the only good thing is that they give a 3D effect, AND theres some sparkly silvery spots on it, so it's not just white. However, if you order that probably would.

I promise, nail new stuff up here Monday and not your toes!
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