OPI Swatch Royal Rajah Ruby

Painting my nails this week hasn't been easy. So I'm doing the best they can for the moment. The House was filled with the family. It was great spending time with everyone, but already I feel like I need some me time. I bet you ladies know how I feel!

Anywho, I've been playing with a beautiful color today. I'm not a fan of Red-Brown but opi Royal Rajah Ruby
is very deep red shimmer. It is beautiful in all the lights.

opi swatch,nail lacquer,red lacquer

Rajah Royal Ruby is from India by spring/summer ' 08. It is still readily available online and through Amazon. Is great for winter color is a deep velvety.

opi,nail polish,swatch,royal rajah ruby

In the light darker, it seems almost brown-black. In situations very well-lit seems very glittering Red Ruby.

opi nail lacquer,opi,red nail polish
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