O.P.I. collection Switzerland skiing Teal there to fall

Probably the only color that I really wanted from Switzerland by OPI Ski Teal we Drop
. I was so in love with the samples I've seen, but my CBSullivan seems to be always sold out. Finally broke down and ordered through Amazon (for double the price, Ouch). Amazon told me that I should wait a month for shipment, but I got it within 2 weeks.

O.P.I 2010 collection Switzerland skiing Teal there to fall
The color is nice navy blue cream more light. I love. I could see using it for all kinds of fun designs. Actually, I made a colorful French design that I'll post next week. In general, it is a great autumn/winter glaze.

In the warmer light
The downside is, in most warm lights or night actually seems completely green forest. Gag. Green is one of my favorite colors, but for some reason forest green nails just look funky to me. For me, this is the biggest drawback of sci Teal there to fall. I bugged me so I removed my Polish a day before I had originally intended.

Because I had trouble finding it in my beauty shop (which had the rest of the collection Swiss) I can only assume his popular. In fact, many sellers on Amazon, it including Amazon with free shipping. Don't be turned off at the time of shipment, really didn't take more than a month for their it plop into mail-more like 5 days.

Do you like Marina transparencies?

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