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Spring is so close, even though we had a snowstorm on April 1st. Of course, those of us in the New England almost always rely on that April Fools joke! For booting that are always above the worst cold I've ever had. Almost I think I got pneumonia. Through all this I slept with my mom for a week and helped his pack.

My in-laws have talked about a trip to Canada, so naturally I had to swatch up OPI Nail lacquer At Your Quebec & Call. It's a bit of a mess because I Split/shredded a lot of my nails while helping MOM move.

opi canadian collection,quebec and call,gold nail polish

This color from the collection, Canadian O.P.I is a beautiful dark green gold. Might work well with a black cocktail dress for a night out, or even with a nice tan in summer. The shine of gold is so perfect.

Before you start the application I used ® scientifique mavala Nail Hardener
that is by far the best I've ever tried. I hadn't used in the last month, then all the breaks. If you're against formaldehyde that I would not suggest using this, it contains quite a bit. However, it absorbs right into nail and hardens them so incredibly well without any layers of garbage.

nail hardener,mavala,best for nails

Anyway, to return the swatch. Like most lucid O.P.I., At Quebec and call Your applied fairly easily. One thing I noticed is their glossy Sheen, much faster than dry not effortless. I was ready to go in 2 minutes. It took 2 for full coverage. I think the photos made it look slightly, but that is not the case in real life.

opi nail polish,at your quebec and call

All in all, it's like a beautiful color. I would highly recommend it to anyone. Even with my super pink-pale skin still looks good.
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