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Having our business outside of our facilities actually exposed our skin from free radicals, such as dust, pollution and ultraviolet rays of the sun. When our skin is exposed to these bad elements, it will tend to have our skin cells damage. Damage skin and skin cells are the reason for the acquisition of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, stains and the rapid aging of the skin. However, the outside activity is not the only reason our skin is damaged. Even at night, during sleep our skin pores secrete fat that can clog the pores resulting in black heads and skin disorder.

Whenever these things happen they tend to be critical about it, because the face is the first thing everyone sees us. Other than that, our face is considered the silent communicator. These are the reasons why you should use facial cleansers.

Facial cleansers are the product of a great skin care that helps in cleaning the skin from free radicals and restore skin moisture it needs. This product skin care is specifically designed to address and provide solutions to skin problems. This is softer than regular soap you are using. Therefore, it is safer to use on the face skin than regular soap and cleaning of the body due to the surfactant containing milder in comparison to the two mentioned. It is also advisable to clean the skin before applying any other product of care, such as anti-aging cream, anti wrinkle cream and cream that helps slow the aging process.

Base oil may contain facial cleansers are made from castor oil, olive, jojoba, emu, safflower, sunflower oil, avocado or almond, just to name a few! Sounds like a symphony organic, but not facial cleansers assumes all oil-based organic. Most contain chemical ingredients, if only to stabilize and increase the life of the cleaning products. The addition of propylene glycol also helps the viscosity and fluidity of cleaning.

Not all oil-based cleansers are liquid. Some facial cleansers are mixed with water, oils, emulsifiers and thickeners. Ever heard of "cream?" These are actually oil based, will look at the ingredients and mineral oil.

There are steps in the use of facial cleansers. First, before using the cleanser, you must wash your hands with soap. This would eliminate all the bacteria in their hands. Then, dampen a soft clean cloth with warm water and gently rub the face with wet tissue. Gently dry your face using a soft cotton towel at all times. Using both hands, gently rub the face with the cream in a circular motion to create foam. When you rub your face gently with cold cream, concentrated in the nose, forehead and cheeks. When you have finished cleaning your face, use the towel again, this time wet in warm water. After that, gently rub the cloth over the face to remove facial cleanser. Be sure to use facial cleanser in the morning before applying your moisturizer day or sunscreen and before putting on night cream at bedtime...

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