Laser Acne Treatment Exposed

Advances in laser technology has meant there has been a massive increase in the availability of laser treatments ranging from eye, teeth and now laser acne treatment. The treatment is available in private clinics in most western countries, although it is not cheap. The questions are, does it work and is it pain free?
During treatment the laser kills the bacteria in the pores that is thought to cause the acne leaving temporary redness and no scars. In fact some argue that laser acne treatment can be used to correct permanent acne scars. The process is pain free and is quick, around 20 minutes for each treatment although you will need a number of treatments depending upon the acne condition and your type of skin.
If you do decide to opt for laser treatment you should ensure you are visiting a reputable clinic that has a long-standing history in providing this type of treatment. The cost will not be cheap so ensure you are getting the best treatment you can avoid - safety standards should be of paramount concern.
During treatment the outer layer of the skin is removed, which removes the top layer of skin scaring. This encourages growth of the second layer of skin to produce new, unblemished skin. Deep scars, such as from left-over chickon-pox scars, cannot be fixed but there is a great improvement in the appearance.
There is little denying that this type of treatment is effective in the short term, so if you can avoid it this may be an option for you. There has been no agreement as yet from the experts as to how long laser acne treatment can resolve your acne problems. Many suggest the treatment is not permanent and so you could be paying a lot of money for just temporary relief.
Alternatively a better option could be to opt for over the counter acne treatments that have been proven to work and have little or no side effects. There is a large choice but there are plenty of online acne product reviews that can help you to determine the potential solution for you. Whilst during its infancy there were some horror stories from over the counter acne treatments the market is now more mature and is more tightly regulated. Just ensure the product you choose is clinically proven and has a money-back guarantee to give you piece of mind.
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