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We can divide human skin on three types which are oily skin, dry skin and normal skin. People usually have a normal skin type, but not all are lucky, that's why they have to combat against oiliness or dryness. Oily skin could be the most problematic, because if we don't take care of it frequently we can end up with acne, pimples or other skin problems. The skin which is oily looks shinier with oil on the surface. Most affected parts are forehead, nose, chest and back. However it is not really nice to see such condition, that's why we have find solutions how to reduce oiliness.
Today we know two types of oily skin. Oily skin that exudes oil, as we said causing shiny and wet appearance and clogged skin, when the collection of hardened sebum and dead cells stays within the follicular orifice.
First thing that we think if we have oily skin is to clean it more frequently. However oiliness is a condition that comes from inside of the body, that's why it is good to understand how to fight against such condition.
Cleansing skin topically is a good solution, but it's not a long term solution because with cleansing we only remove oil from it, but we still don't find a solution to prevent it. To completely reduce excessive oiliness it will be difficult, but we can at least dramatically reduce it.
Important when you cleanse the body largest organ is, that you don't use harsh soaps, toners or shampoo. Your skin at that time will look normal, but harsh ingredients can cause even bigger exclusion of oil. Besides harsh products can damage your skin superficial layers and can make it more sensitive to sun light.
As we mentioned in upper text we can reduce oiliness from inside and we can do this with an appropriate and healthy skin diet. The diet for skin must consist with food that is rich in vitamins and healthy fats. Fats are essential for our skin, but we have to consume the right one.
If you suffer from oily skin you will have to reduce eating pork meat, other fatty meat, white bread and white pasta. You can substitute these with whole grain cousins. You will find health fats in fish and nuts. Very important vitamin for oily skin is vitamin B2. This vitamin provides important elements that prevent excess oil exclusion.
For more information about what food should be included in your oily skin diet click here.

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