The True Benefits Of Tumescent Liposuction

There are many people who are extremely dissatisfied with the fat areas of their body, regardless of their favorable general health state. This is particularly common for hips, thighs and tummy and most of these people prefer to have the extra fat removed by liposuction. The traditional liposuction intervention is a traumatic experience for most patients because of the pain experienced, but with tumescent liposuction this is no longer the case.

Moreover, an even newer invention in this cosmetic surgery field is the tumescent laser liposuction intervention. This is performed with the use of the most advanced medical equipment and comes with amazing results and significantly less pain for every patient. After the intervention, the skin will be smooth and soft, while the recovery process will last shorter and will be less painful.

Tumescent laser liposuction has the real benefit of melting fat before it is extracted. This makes the entire process easier for both the patient and the surgeon. In addition to this, bleeding and the level of discomfort will be minimized, while the skin will be tightened during fat melting, resulting in a uniform fat removal and less pain.

The combination of the tumescent solution used in the traditional intervention and the latest laser technologies is something unique and revolutionary in this field. The solution contains an anesthetic substance, mixed with medication used for controlling the bleeding level. What you should also know about this operation is the fact that an injection is necessary before the laser equipment can operate on the patient's skin.

Pain will also be controlled by this special solution, which will numb the area. It usually comes with effects that last for 24 hours, preventing bleeding, swelling and bruising. As a consequence, the recovery process will be speeded up and the patients will be able to start their regular activities after a shorter time. Pressure is also an important factor when it comes to the tumescent injection, since it makes the removal process easier. Finally, hydration and distention of fat are equally important when dissolving it.

As for the benefits that are common for every patient, tumescent laser liposuction helps the surgeon control the level of pain completely. In addition to this, less bruising and bleeding will be experienced, while fat removal will be performed quicker because of the cells being melted beforehand. Finally, the risks are smaller and there will be no visible skin irregularities after the surgery is performed.

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