Pros And Cons of Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer

Many people have heard of the so-called breast enlargement plastic surgery procedure. There are various techniques that can be used as part of this intervention, including transfer of fat. This is one of the latest tendencies in aesthetic surgery, requiring a single incision of approximately 4 cm for extracting the fat from a surplus area.

The bust size can lead to complex issues, such as self-doubt, which may negatively influence the life of a woman. Many women give up the pressure and choose to increase their breasts by undergoing surgery. Very common until now, silicone seems to "fall" in the second place, with techniques such as fat transfer breast augmentation being preferred instead. According to a recent study in the field, this solution is viable for most women looking to obtain a larger volume for their breasts.

As a first step, fat is extracted from the abdomen or the thigh through a liposuction procedure. Since no more than 200 ml of fat can be injected in a session, most patients will have to undergo more than a single intervention. One of the most important advantages of breast augmentation with fat transfer is the fact that it leaves no scarring on the patient's body. In addition to this, a single incision is required for extracting the fat.

The procedure is also regarded as the ideal solution for correcting sagging. The results of a recent study conducted in the United States show that most women experiencing problems with the volume of their breasts were successfully helped by this powerful intervention. The final results do not only include a significant increase in the size of the breasts, but also in their position, especially if you need a lifting intervention. Finally, the risks associated with regular silicone implants are completely eliminated.

There are many reasons for choosing fat transfer breast augmentation. First of all, the intervention uses living cells from the body of the patient, so no foreign substances are injected while surgery is performed. As a consequence, there is no risk of rejecting the substance, and a natural look for the breasts will be obtained without scarring.

In addition to this, the intervention does not leave marks on the breasts. Most patients also regard it as a solution to get rid of fat on the thighs and abdomen. There are no cuts at the breasts area, while the only traces that can remain visible are those caused by incisions.

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