Homemade Acne Treatment Guide

Among all acne treatment that you can find today, homemade acne treatment is often considered as the most safest and effective acne treatment method. Unlike the medical acne treatment, there is no harsh side-effect with homemade acne treatment.

Proper cleaning and washing is one of the basic treatments for home made treatment. It is important as it removes all the dirt that blocking the pores of your skin. Clogged dirt can cause irritation on your skin and it will become acne over time.

Turmeric also can be used to treat acne. It is very easy to use it. All you need to do is to apply the turmeric on your face and leave it for a few minutes. After that, you wash your face. If your face is too oily, you can mix some rose water with turmeric. As for the dry skin, mix curd with turmeric. Lemon juice is also another effective item to remove your acne. Same as turmeric, you apply the lemon on the area where acne or the scar is present. Doing this consistently and your acne will disappear as soon as possible.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables also helps your skin condition. These foods can remove all the unwanted toxins from your body. For the maximum results, try to add fresh fruits or vegetable into your diet. Cucumber also can be used to prevent acne breakout as it has a natural cooling effect and it will let the acne subside on its own. All you need to do is to slice it and place it on the acne.

Honey is one of the major ingredients that can be used for acne treatment. It is contains antioxidant that will help to improve your skin healing power. You can either consume it or applying it on your face. The only drawback of the honey is its cost. Honey is very costly for a daily usage. For more affordable methods, drinking ginger juice also helps.

Put ice cube and rubbing it on the face is one of the effective methods. This will reduce the pore sizes and prevent the bacteria infect the skin. For the sensitive skin, you need orange skin and powdered milk. Mix them and apply it on the face. This will remove acne scars.

By any means, you should not apply all of the techniques that you read in this article. Choose the preference methods and doing it consistently in every day. Also, it is important for you to do some research about your skin condition. Is your skin too oily or too dry? Once you get know of your skin condition, seeking for right method is easy. Exercise regularly and drinking water also helps when it comes to combat acne.

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