How to Deal With Relieving Dry, Cracked Skin Pain

It's really frustrating to experience dry, painful cracked skin on hands, fingers, and even the heels of your feet. I know! I put up with those skin cracks too, even some that were deep enough to bleed!

I've done tile work, carpentry, painting, plumbing, auto mechanics, gardening and lots more, some as a professional, and some as a DIY'er - all hard on the skin of fingers and thumbs.

I no longer suffer from this painful problem; I resolved to research natural skin care ingredients, and zeroed in on the following, effective, relieving combination to heal my dry cracked skin:

Beeswax So much has been researched and written on bee products, especially honey and beeswax, as effective traditional elements that aid natural healing, especially of dry, cracked skin. (If you are among the rare folks allergic to bee products, you probably already are consulting a health professional, and although we can't help you here, we certainly encourage you to continue to seek a solution that will be a blessing for you.)

The vast majority of the population is fortunate and finds relief for cracked, split skin through products that do contain beeswax. I consider it THE natural ingredient for soothing dry skin on your hands and feet. (If you get out your magnifying glass, in fact, you'll notice that your favorite lip balms contain beeswax, as well as many, many of the better creams and lotions that promote skin health, but, do little for already cracked skin-Why? They lack the 'secret' quality I tell you about below.)

Research literature states beeswax is: Antiseptic, anti inflammatory, an emollient (moisturizer), is anti-oxidizing, and can actually contain Vitamin A, said to aid in skin cell development.

Organic Virgin Olive Oil (I specifically recommend that designation) Olive Oil has been used from antiquity to soothe dry skin on hands and feet. It is said to be rich in Vitamins A and E, (and many others), to contain the anti-oxidant Squalene, a moisturizer that contains high levels of collagen (the GOOD kind), which builds up skin structure. Just what's needed for dry, split skin.

Honey is a humectant, which means it 'sucks' moisture out of the air and then 'lends' it to the skin it's applied to. It also contains anti oxidants ('rejuvenators'), such as 'Pinocembrin' which is claimed to be anti-bacterial as well. Along with small quantities of peroxide, this is good stuff for helping cracked skin turn into healthy skin, naturally!

Aloe Vera Oil is commonly known to be anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial. Did you know it has been shown to also contain Vitamin E, C, Zink, polysaccharides, and 18 to 20 amino acids that aid natural skin healing? I found this to be very effective for treating painful, split fingertips and other dry skin symptoms.

The above are the essential ingredients I need to see in a natural skin care product. But for extreme cases, i.e., painful, cracked, sometimes bleeding, finger tip and thumb cracks, there is a 'secret' aspect absolutely necessary to the product. It's a 'secret' that is 'right out in the open': The product needs to be THICK. Why? To fill those cracks and stay in them as long as possible. Creams, ointments, balms, salves may be great for prevention, or when skin just needs to be moisturized, but MUST be thick for help with severe cracking.

Also, I look for natural skin care products with 'stickiness', and this can be provided by a high level of honey content, an obvious and added benefit of the already valuable honey content in my recommended 'base' for natural skin care health and relief.

Keep these in mind as you search for healing and relief from dry, painful, cracked skin, but above all, may you quickly find that blessed relief.

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