Please - Read The Label Before You Buy Organic Skin Products

Nothing beats organic skin products for giving a person the silky smooth, lustrous, wrinkle free skin they deserve, and everyone should be using these all natural products. The primary reason most people are not using all natural products on their skin is because hardly any of the cosmetic companies actually make them. Beware of what you buy that has "all natural" or "organic" on the label, because it is likely what you are buying has almost nothing natural at all.

The term "all natural" has been abused by the cosmetic companies for many years now, and this is simply because these corporations can get away with it.

Regulation of these companies in most cases is very poor, and much of this has to do with our legal system. A cosmetic company can tie up attempts at regulation indefinitely, depending on how many hundreds of millions of dollars they are willing to spend to block said regulation.

The cosmetic industry has fought tooth and nail to continue being able to produce organic skin products that are decidedly not. It is a shame, but in most cases the court system has sided with the cosmetic companies when it comes to any sort of sweeping regulation.

Lawmakers and regulatory agencies generally have to go after small bits of regulation at a time, like going after certain chemicals in these products that could potentially be harmful to the users health.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been successful in having banned the use of more than 100 substances suspected of being or known to be toxic or carcinogenic from use in cosmetic products.

While it may look good as it is written here, don't take your hats off to the FDA just yet. Their effort pales in comparison with that of the European Union, which is responsible for removing more that 1000 of these chemicals from cosmetic formulas.

People don't realize it, but there are more than 4,000 different chemical agents that have been regularly used in skin care formulas over the years.

Even with the chemicals the U.S. and European Union have managed to ban, that still leaves thousands of different potentially hazardous substances available for regular use in cosmetic formulas. These chemicals still show up in formulas advertised as organic skin products.

Natural ingredients are either wholly used by the body, or remaining traces of them are expelled. This is not the case where these potentially toxic and carcinogenic chemical agents are concerned, as the body cannot process chemicals in same way they do natural substances.

Chemical agents in most cases end up being stored in your soft tissue, where they can continue to accumulate for years.

Be careful to read the label when shopping for organic skin products, and make sure you understand exactly what is in the formula you are buying. Also be sure that you check out the manufacturer of these products, and visit their websites if possible.

If a manufacturer is an honest one, they will be willing to fully explain all that is in their products and answer any questions you may have about the ingredients they use.

Don't simply trust the "all natural" label on your products, because you want to ensure what you are using are truly organic skin products.
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