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What we see as we crossed the Kotak Salesian school and headed towards the road Chinna Waltair in Vizag, we find Smart Beauty Clinic, on the second floor Apartment, Sai Kashi close to Reliance fresh. This beauty salon and slimming is segregated into sections with clever use of heavy curtains, such as dividers. The first is the section with all the paraphernalia required for beauty treatments and hair cuts and walls of glass-mounted. There is a waiting room for customers too. Another section has ease of steam bath, sun beds for slimming treatments and electronic gadgets.

What you get-Smart Beauty Clinic offers two types of services for women-beauty and slimming. This Center is operated by Vijayalaxmi, who is the owner and Chief of operations. Beauty and grooming, caters to all types of services from eyebrows, upper lip, depilation, manicure, pedicure, facials, haircuts and styling, skin treatments and therapies. The price is also quite affordable at around Rs. 20 to the eyebrows, manicure to about Rs. 100 and facial treatments ranging from Rs 300 to Rs. 2,500 also based on what you choose from herbsfruit, Shenaz, Silver Pearl, gold and diamonds. Similarly, the costs of the haircut is based on styles ranging up to Rs. 350.

In the segment of data processing, Smart Beauty Clinic deals with the troubles of skin and hair. For both problems, treatment costs are based on the number of seats ranging from six to more. In the skin, you can get treated for skin sagging and wrinkles, pigmentation, hair etc. While it is possible to get treatment for hair loss and dandruff control.

You can also hire salon services for application for mehendi Rs. 300-1500 on his hands and Rs 800-1000 on the legs. In addition to these, lightweight, heavy makeup, bridal party and can be tried here for Rs 500-1200, including hair-do. Wedding packages (Rs. 5,000-15,000) including facials, pedicures, manicures, waxing, massage, hair, makeup application, Mehendi combing and setting of the costume are available too.

Smart Beauty Clinic also has a section of slimming diet counselling and therapies such as heat packs on targeted massage with oil, fat mobilization sessions and steam bath. A minimum of 12 sessions were held with the cost around Rs. 1000 per session. The whole course is lasting for three months with once weekly sessions.

Our verdict-Smart Beauty Clinic may not impress his interiors. The number of staff is not sufficient to give immediate attention in case of presence of other customers. However, when you get their attention, is personal and satisfying.

There is no dedicated parking and it is usually done alongside the main road.

Anytime between 10 am – 8 pm. 00

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