Short hair Updos

Hair Updos for Short Hair
Short hair Updos
Short hair updos messy side bun or the quiff in less than 5 minutes!
Short hair updos as this cute style of hair over a coif, reminds me of 30's flapper with a hint of California boho and a touch of funky hair styles in one checked all placed! It only takes a bit of ingenuity and perhaps think outside the box to come up with these ideas for short hair updos cute!

Britney asks:
I have medium length hair with long layers, just touching my shoulders, and I'm not very good at it. I basically use one of two ways, smoothed with a hairdryer, a round brush and touched with an iron, or scrunched and dried to work with my natural wave. Want to find an easy short hair updo, but don't have a clue what to do with it-can you help?,,
Our friends at have a lot of quick and easy video tips on makeup, hairstyles updos, and fashion. Here is a great 2-minute videos on "how to get a fast messy side bun", which is done on the hair of medium length with layers – perfect for you! (Visit their website for more quick how-TOS).

The Quiff is a quick and easy short hair updo!
Kelly asks:
Recently I cut my hair short, a crop cut with multiple layers and love it, but practically the same style all the time. I wear side swept bangs and as soon as they tuck behind my ears. Any suggestions on a new way to cute to style my hair would be appreciated.
Here's your perfect transformation Kelly! The quiff is a style of hair which is reborn, changed a bit, of course, but goes back to 50 and at the beginning with these famous celebrities! The quiff is a perfect way to do an updo hair and beauty it is possible to look, modern, funky or stylish – your choice!

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