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Trend hair Quiff va ' glunge ' for spring!

Quiffs aren't going away soon, according to the famous hairhairdresser and Redken platform artist, Sam Villa.

What a quiff is that you ask? Quiff is in the dictionary as a word derived in the meaning of Britain; a prominent tuft; or from the United Kingdom; a part of a man's hairstyle in which the hair in front are brushed upward and backward."Quiff? You get
the term "

Sam knew what he was talking about if he had used the word ' pompadour ' instead ofquiff'. ' James Dean, Elvis, John Travolta and The Fonz, all wore pompadour, notoriously, but perhaps they called the 'quiff ' in the United Kingdom?  Who knows?  Please share with us if you have any source of know-howquiffs' '.

Perhaps the term started being used here in the United States, when women started wearing quiffs? Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce and Jessica Alba all have sported a quiff ' last year, but we have asked them pompadour too. (I've also seen ' quiffs ' referenced as ' quaffs ' in other news sources ... just goes to show the confusion of names of hairstyle may carry.)

The new ' quiff ' Sam Villa predicts from the Paris catwalks, will be out and about this spring and looks a bit more disheveled (if that can happen) of current quiff   He adds, is the word best used to describe spring hair trends back to Paris, ' glunge ' (most creative terminology) indicating a kind of glamour-grunge look!   Enuff said!

The new glungier quiff (my words) is the most texurized riding quiffsthan previous. New spring hair trends have a sort of texture that still looks beaten up women, but also wild and sexy, ' says Villa. "It's all about looks glamorous post-grunge appearing deliberately dehydrated."

Keep an eye out for these new trends and hair spring will bring more than ' glunge ' looks like you have!

Some ' old ' quiffs!

Quiff Hairstyles

Quiff Rihanna Grammy 2010


Rihanna 2009 quiff

Quiff Hair

Quiff Gwen Stephanie

Quiff Hair

Janell Monae quiff

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