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Straight Hair Styles
Straight hair
Smooth hair styles aren't going away. Straight hair basically are still popular as it was a few years ago, when he came into vogue. When you have curly hair, mediocre that seems to defy all rectifiers, it can make you want to give up. But don't give in, you can have straight hair gleaming ... it's all in having its own know-how, the right products and the right tools."As straight hair"
When you want to do your hair straight curly hair, you must use the right products: a hairdryer, straightening balm, nourishing treatments to repair damaged hair and a straightener. It is important to have an iron that goes up to a high temperature to tame Frizzy locks. GHD hair straighteners are a great choice, because to go rapidly up to 400 degrees. GHD hair straightener ceramic heating mechanisms and aluminium plates protect the hair and give it luster and movement.
Prep straight hair
When you are preparing to straighten your hair is important to start with clean hair. Wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner, specifically formulated to reduce the damage from heat styling. GHD and Moroccan oil make shampoos and conditioners that are specifically designed to nourish damaged hair, treat and protect from heat styling. Towel dry hair and deliver a quarter size amount of Moroccan oil treatment from roots to ends. Focus on the end that damage easily. This hydrate and protect hair. It also helps the hair dry faster.
Straight hair Blow-Out
Pin high layers blow up and section by section, dry hair directly using a hair dryer attachment with a nozzle and a round brush. Take the hair near the scalp and keep the brush below it, safe hair bristles. Pull the brush towards the ends of the hair dryer near to it the brush and the ends of the hair. Repeat until the hair is dry. Don't worry if your hair is not perfectly straight.

Straight Hair straightening irons
When hair is dry, deliver a small amount of GHD Smoothing Balm. Using clips, pin up the upper layers of the hair and straighten the bottom layer 1-inch sections. How to Straighten, you might need to go beyond sections twice. Unlock the layers above and continue. Make sure you aren't taking more than one inch at a time, as doing so will make your hair frizzy and susceptible to curling.
To add shine to hair, spray a light coat of oil Glimmer Shine Spray all Moroccan hair. Use your hands to distribute it throughout the hair.
The products and this process should keep straight and shiny hair throughout the day and to prevent fly-aways and static. GHD hair straighteners are designed not just to straighten hair, but keep their hair straight all day, even in rainy weather. With practice this can be burned at home, so you can have straight, shiny hair, whenever you want.

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