Clip real hair extension need care of winter

Clip on Real Hair Extension

Clip real hair extension

Real hair extensions Clip need special care in winter. While it is toasted and warm inside, it's cold outside. Not only can cold be bad for your hair and clips of real hair extension, extreme changes in temperature we experience in winter can do its damage, as well. Weather hot and cold can remove moisture in your hair and clips of real hair extension, dries them and making them more prone to damage.

So what can you do to prevent damage from happening to your s real hair clip extensionas soon as you start the better preventive care. Not only will you get in the routine, but will help you to maintain the quality of extensions.

Start using a shampoo or conditioner with Cetyl alcohol, a derivative of coconut, which works very well in your moisturizer clip real hair extension. Because the same note, shampoo with lightness and make sure that you use more shampoo conditioner. Clip real hair extension dry natural hair more easily. Don't get the natural oil from the scalp so they need extra protection and moisture. Always rinse with cold water or cold to increase the amount of moisture.

Another great tip is never walk out in the cold with wet hair. If you walk in the cold with wet hair, took a big chance of water in your hair and the water in your clip real hair extension freezing and causing damage and breakage due to extreme temperatures. Remember, the freezing temperature is about 32 degrees and which is typically when the snow and ice begin to stick to the ground. So, if you walk with wet hair and hair extensions in that time, the cold is more than likely make the water turn into ice extensions too.

Try your best to decrease the amount of heat applied for extensions with any heated styling appliances. The heat from heaters is enough to help dry the hair extensions – if you use heated styling appliances, damaging the clip real hair extension, that cannot be fixed. If you must use a heated styling appliance, be sure to use a heat protector and leave in conditioner before styling. Leave-in conditioner allow hair to retain moisture.

If you wear a hat to make sure that is not too tight and take off my hat as far as possible to keep the irritation downward and allow your scalp to breathe. Another thing you can do to protect hair from styling appliances heated is to experiment with different hair masks to help keep hair healthy and hair extensions.

Consider adding clip darker colored hair extension for real this season to add size and volume to the hair and hair change color to a bright summer shades deeper, cooler in the winter. Actual hair clip extension are fun and a great way to add more hair and change things!

Kelly Brown


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