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By Guest Blogger Christina Jones
Just as one pays extra attention to the appearance of the skin, it is equally important to care for oily hair as well. Hair, being the Crown of your Visual presence plays an important role in personality and beauty. There are several steps that you must follow to fend off the oily hair and keep that sheen in the hair."Hair grease and greasy hair remedies"
Some of the basic procedures that you must follow regularly are combing, brushing, and conditioning shampoo. The best shampoo for greasy hair depends on the texture of your hair. There are many people who have dry hair and many others who have oily hair. Both types of hair when their extreme give rise to many problems. Here are some tips for hair care hair fat.

  • To get rid of oily hair excessive you can massage your hair with a mixture of water and white vinegar. Leave it on for a few minutes and rinse hair.

  • Te hair shampooing daily will reduce the secretion of oil on the scalp. But be sure to not use too much shampoo on the scalp that can cause dryness of the scalp, causing damage to the hair.

  • Clean the hair with a mixture of lemon juice and distilled water. This greatly reduces the oily hair.

  • No longer use products such as gel, hair spray, creams and mousses. Make your hair greasy and create excessive build up on the hair.

  • Spray a small amount of baby powder on the scalp and leave it on for five minutes. Subsequently, comb your hair and feel that you no longer need to greasy hair.

  • Diet also plays an important role in the treatment oily hair. If you tend to eat an excessive amount of fatty foods, the level of secretion of oil in the scalp is likely to increase. So it's best you stick of fresh fruits and vegetables gives your hair nourishment needed.

  • If you have oily hair, limit the use of air conditioner on your hair. Air conditioners are more suitable for dry hair.

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