Pixie cuts, you can wear Pixie Haircuts?

Pixie Haircuts

Natalie Portman – Pixie cut

The year of Pixie cuts!

Pixie cuts started catching a wave about a year ago in Hollywood and still have a lot of ladies reflecting the thought of cutting it all out!  And when they do, whether you love 'em or hate 'em.

Why are pixie cuts loved by many, but worn by a few?  The answer is simple ... it is the fear of the unknown. It is a big commitment to cut their hair so short. What happens if you hate it, there is nothing to hide?  There is a lot of hair styling options to go to if you like it so short, so should you risk it?

So what is recommended before taking the plunge to a pixie haircut?  A good hairdresser, especially one who knows you and your weirdness, it can help tremendously.  Not only a good hairdresser can decipher if a short hair cut like the pixie cut, is right for your body shape and facial proportions, but equally important, if this short short hair cut will suit your personality.

Pixie Hair Cuts

Winona Ryder – Pixie cut

Pixie Hair Cuts

Victoria Beckham – Pixie cut

Face shape

  • Oval face-are ideal for pixie cuts, but the other side forms can work as well. Changes of stratification and styling pixie cut can be made to balance with many forms of the face. Heart-shaped Faces is second only to forms of oval face. If the Chin – is dramatically tapered it may be offset by a tap on pieces behind the ears. Forms of round face can be balanced by creating multiple height with the Crown and more upside down on pieces of back or Tufts on her face. A oblong face can be balanced with the creation of texture and fullness on the sides.

Pixie Haircut, hair cut short or medium-length Haircut

  • Temper any descision to cut any hair!  Cut all your hair is not a response to frustrations. Discuss with your hairdresser; bring pictures of short hair cuts and pixie cuts that you like. Also bring in a couple of alternative hair cuts that would take into account. Going sometimes shorter stages is a better solution and can be quite easier on your well-being.

Pixie cuts top ranking as a haircut, easy and fast.  Pixie cuts mean less maintenance; less drying time hair hairstyle. That has to account for a big reason why women love this hairstyle!  But, another way that you can check if you would like the pixie cut is to stop at the Mall and trying on a wig short like that. It will not be the exact result, but will give you an idea!

Pixie Hair Cuts

Halle Berry-Pixie cut

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