Beauty tips-the best shampoo for curly hair

It's always the same in the salon, you usually find that people who have straight hair want curly or hair with more volume and lift. Then clients who have curly want straightener sleeker and easier to manage hair.

Curly is thicker than straight the hair shaft is more rigid for curly. It's very rare that you will find straight which has the same thickness characteristics as curly hair. Often straighter is finer and lighter and is often less resilient to breakages and processing treatments such as coloring and perming.

When choosing a curly beauty shampoo the best place to find the specialist kinds formulated for your hair is at your local salon or online salon store. Supermarket brands often do not have the strength contained in the product to do the particular task you require.

Curls need nourishing and often I would recommend a good volumizing shampoo and conditioner to feed the curls and add body and lift. Thicker hair still gets greasy but not as easily as finer hair. This means using a combination of a cleansing shampoo with a volumizing conditioner often works best.

My clients like volume and lift but often hate the frizz when they have curly hair. Frizz is often caused by humidity conditions and moisture in the air around the hair. If you use the prescribed shampoos above then after apply a spritz of a humidity blocking spray or even a good quality hair spray then you can control your frizz. There are products out there in the market to specifically target stopping frizz but if you are on a budget not wanting a whole host of products a hairspray will do the trick.

Hairsprays can be quite harsh in their approach there very sticky and have a strong fragrance this is what some of my clients say. Shop around for a non aerosol version with a lighter hold this can offer an alternative to the standard ones around.

If you have curls you are actually quite luck as long curls from a hairdresser's point of view offers lots of opportunities. It's robust and can take a lot of process and at length can be straightened quite easily. Fine on the other hand really can only be styled in a few ways. Particularly fine suffers from a high amount of breakage. If you have the desire to go straight from curls ask your hairdresser about a straightening blow dry treatment or a chemically applied treatment to relax the cuticle.
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