Beauty VIP of the week: Burberry natural Sheer Lipstick Lip Mist

This week my beauty VIP is Lip Mist of Burberry pure natural Lipstick. I've been running with a bad sore throat or earache for almost 2 weeks now so putting on a face full of makeup has not been a priority lately, but I managed to put some color on my lips, who is a diabetic must … or not!

Lip mists of Burberry are pure, but in comparison to Chanel Rouge Coco shine and Rossetti Dior Dior Addict but have greater coverage than their counterparts. These are regular pads Rossetti Burberry, though. Do not feel how light lips or emanate as much luster as others do, but what you give, you earn in wear. These fogs Lip have more wear on their side with a beautiful lustre and a perfume to boot.

The shadow that is wearing pink feather No. 09. It is not a tone that normally I would wear, but I find myself to wear this shade a lot lately. It's just a nice, soft pop pink which is flattering at all. Lose the iPhone view pictures here but I wanted to show you how beautiful this shade is, it has definitely perked up my complexion sans-makeup sick this week.

Retail sale of Burberry Lip mist for $ 30 and you can find Nordstromto. Have you tried them yet? I have to tell you about my Burberry "Trinity" soon.

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