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When I met Elizabeth Dehn, creator of BeautyBets.com, the first thing I noticed was your skin glowing. She looked radiant and healthy. And to give you some context, this was in the middle of winter (aka dry skin season) after we both had only schlepped on early morning flights from the Midwest to Los Angeles. If there is never a time I look, I can say that after a 6 am flight cross country is not that time. I didn't know then Elizabeth's secret, but now I — is its line of skincare goes luxe, aptly called by Elizabeth Dehn.

After more than 10 years in the biz, Elizabeth has created her own line of cosmetics using all-natural ingredients, nutrients that deliver for your skin. She calls them "glow-Getters" and designed with all kinds of skin in mind. I've got to tell you, I am beyond impressed with these products. Feel good, smell amazing and most importantly, work.  And it doesn't hurt that the packaging is so simple and luxe.

Spray faceWe will call this my entry point by Elizabeth Dehn. I love a good fog to revive my skin, and this, which contains essential oils and organic Lemon balm, sweet orange infuses skin with antioxidants and helps to increase circulation. Smells of a spa with notes of citrus and a hint of bergamot. You can use this at any time (and believe me, you will ...), but I love him as a first step pre-moisturizer. And as a stimulant and a late morning pre-workout energy blast .... told ya so.

On serum - My fixation with oils is the highest, so naturally that the serum of Elizabeth was a home run for me. The second that this hit my skin I could feel a glow coming up. Joking aside, that is not an exaggeration. The serum contains a blend of vegetable oils and essential fatty acids to restore moisture and vitamin c and e to heal and protect the skin. I massage my skin before bedtime and waking up with the skin smoother, brighter. But as all of its products, this can be used to trick a dewy glow or the explosion of humidity when they most need it. I should also mention that it smells intoxicatingly as a rose garden in the sky.

Cream Shea – I'll admit, I started slowly with the Shea cream. Initially, slathered on my cuticles (and oh my word, you need to do this-my cuticles have never been so smooth). Then, he dabbed around my nose and all my dryness has gone away. Curiosity got the better of me and I pressed my face one night. And thank God I did. I'm pretty sure that healed a stain in my sleep, and my skin looked so hydrated and felt really smooth the next morning. Unlike most moisturizers, this contains no water and no filler. As a result, the plot is so interesting – as spongy frosting. It is rich in vitamin A, Shea butter, rosehip seed oil and other ingredients that are good for your skin. You too could be freaked out at first putting this on your face, but is actually a natural healer for acne, eczema, sunburn and other skin irritations. It does not clog pores, so for the sake of your skin, take the plunge. Or perhaps take the "pat" – this is gently pressed into better skin. The smallest amount necessary.

By Elizabeth Dehn onlineis sold, and you can read all about this trio of skin care and beauty best bets on his blog.

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