On our Radar: Beatrixe

Emerging designers have a way to start the expensive and working their way down, but the young Beatrixe label wisely is pursuing the opposite course. The label, founded by longtime friends and co-designers Begum tuna for the fall of 2010 and Axel Burla is resolutely contemporary. The vast majority of their retail for under $ 500, with leather jackets creeping slightly above that mark.

This despite their background in designer fashion. The two met working for Devi Kroell, when his eponymous label helmed Kroell. "We have known each other for 15 or 20 years," Prank, a grad Parsons said. "We just started working on this in our spare time." What started as a side project has grown into a full-scale set when Tanya Bas joined as a business partner. The aesthetics of Beatrixe, Hoax says, is "a celebration of femininity," with an emphasis on female forms are elegant and sinuous, often embellished with frills.

For spring 11, currently coveted as Satine boutique in Los Angeles and San Francisco welcome stranger, the duo looked clothing midcentury, emphasizing life with tailored jackets with skirts and the loan from abstract expressionist painting of the time for your prints. "It was a time of great change," explained the hoax. "We were just focused on creating a romantic look, using a palette of neutral colours and fabrics really good, then the result is something that might seem like a luxury."

Photo: courtesy of Beatrixe

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