Is Poppy King Glamour lipstick: number 3 compared to pink lipstick Queen St

Left: Lipstick Queen Santo rosa, on the right, Poppy King Glamour.

The tube is PK is much smaller, but there is much less in 3.5 g tube: relation to 4gs LQ.

There was a lot of blogger buzz about the collaboration between the lipstick Queen, King of poppy and boots No 7. Unfortunately these Lipsticks are harder to find than hen's teeth; for the moment I found them in a shoe store that my £ 5 off voucher had exhausted. When boots recently started another 3 for 2 offer on 7 No I gave and ordered some of Rossetti Poppy King online.

Glamour is described as a shade pink malice. The Rossetti is pure enough PK, although for consistency similar to LQ and saints. There is no shimmer lipstick in both. Compared to Saint Rose, Glamour is a light pink tone, less browned.

On my lips, the colors are not very different, although I think Glamour is a bit more flattering. Saint Rose can make me look a bit washed out.

I find the consistency of LQ cushiony anymore. The Rossetti does also have a (in my nose loudly) sunscreen to their odor and contain a Methoxycinnamate. This is good if you prefer the sunscreen in a lipstick, but if it is not so good (like me) you don't like this smell directly under the nose.

£ 12, these are quite expensive for a lipstick high street. Although they are less expensive than the lipstick Queen to £ 17. I would say that are always in the present 3 for 2 deal (as long as you don't mind the smell of sunscreen) but I'd hesitate to pay £ 12 for them. Would be hard-pressed to pay full price for any item that does, however, due to frequent 3 to 2 and £ 5 voucher offers.


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