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Nothing makes me smile more than a clever advertising campaign.
Especially if it is done so multi-layered.
So today I just want to start by sending some Lurpak salted love!
Yes that Lurpak salted!
Danish Lurpak salted is a trademark owned by the Danish Dairy Board butter. It is sold in over 80 countries worldwide and is best known for his distinct silver packaging. Lurpak salted began in 1901 as a combination of several Danish breeders to create a common brand for butter increases sales.
In 1985 the Lurpak salted launched a TV campaign with Douglas, a trombonist made from butter, trying to play an arpeggio fastest. This was created by Aardman Animations and featured the vocals of Penelope Keith. This worked for almost 20 years until Lurpak salted repositioned with the campaign of "good food deserves Lurpak salted", voiced by Rutger Hauer.
Yesterday I went to open a new tub of Lurpak salted to make a delicious cheese toastie ans, when I did, I laughed aloud. For there he silver Foil printed ont was the immortal phrase- "I Repect the pancake Will"
Queen marie crumpet
I would suggest that the same applies pancakesfor.
that I'm going to go to the hell of a big pile of now, topping them with butter and maple syrup
Queen marie pancakes

What will today?
Queen Marie

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