Men are like black and white cookie

How many times have you above scanned text, conversation or relationship? Reading a message over and over again so , that said "good night" or as playback kissed you ... sound familiar?
We are guilty of it, but enough is enough. Wasting your time on analyzing men is one of the biggest mistakes we make.  Why? Because not are really so difficult to read.
In all honesty, ladies, men are like black and white cookie. If you want to see you, they see you.  If you want to call you, they call it.  And if they do, they will be.  Pure and simple, men are in black and white.
Think about the energy wasted we put in on analyzing and how you can use elsewhere.  Chances are that if he does not call, do projects with you or commit, he is not that only in you.  So, if you're still doing the above, don't waste another second of your time trying to make it seem like he is, and you'll end up with someone who is worth your time.


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