Selena Gomez hated and threatened for dating Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber and selena Gomezlatest Photo depicting them is sweet throughout one another in Hawaii has caused a wave of negative comments on the Internet (again). Pop idol fans did not take kindly to his girlfriend and expressed in unequivocal terms.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

The Daily Mail puts the outbreak down to a bunch of pics where the teen couple can be seen kissing and horse into the sea. Fans were quick to respond with a wave threats 's death on Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter messages promise Gomez "a long, slow, painful death", with a fan, threatening to kill her in the night under his "deathbed" smell. On Facebook, a group called "blatantly Hate Selena Gomez cuz you dating my man" is active with close to 2,000 fans circulate freely their hatred, stating that should Justin bieber ever be heartbroken, Gomez is to have her face smashed and killed "without kindness."

For the scene leader hate mail is nothing new, since it has started to date the singer one less Lonely Girl. Talking with Bliss magazine admitted that she occasionally shows a reaction is very sensitive to sharply negative comments online from Beliebers, saying he looks like his attitude of high school and that is "very uncomfortable."

It is understandable as a step in the process of growing up, says Gomez, but it is different when it seems that the whole world turning against you without even trying to get an idea what kind of person you are.

It is a case of reading hundreds of comments online, was actress 18 years, and then suddenly a comment especially put you off. Although she tries to take it in his stride, is painful.

Source of image: Aleqebyna. blogspot.


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