Top 30 reasons why couples to discuss

While minor clashes over daily routine are quite normal and can also be taken as a sign of a healthy relationship, just how many exactly gaiters is healthy to have? Insurance Esure Home Insurance decided to go straight and finished with an impressive list of family problems that cause topics almost 2500 per year!

Family argument

What makes two people in love to go for the throat of another? Most often happens because one partner doesn't listen to what they're saying his other half, as it emerged from a search of 3000 people living with a partner or are engaged in a relationshiplong.

Problems of money, shirk chores and snoring all night appear as more frequent motives behind the family wears.

Funny enough, sex with all his chances for a good fight is not very high on the list, losing to the most important issues such as what to watch on TV or what to eat for meal a-an argument that lights a flare about twice each week.

Want to see how the results apply to you? Here goes:

  1. Turning a deaf ear to the partner causes 112 TIFF per year
  2. Spending too much – 109
  3. Various issues of money – 108
  4. It doesn't help at home-105
  5. Snoring in his sleep-102
  6. Too many bills – 98
  7. Meals – 92
  8. Driving Speed – 91
  9. Neglecting to take the stuff on the stairs – 90
  10. House cleaning – 90
  11. Television channels-89
  12. Behavior of children – 88
  13. Dirty clothes lying about home-88
  14. Best time to have sex – 87
  15. Not paying enough attention to each other – 84
  16. When to send the children to bed-83
  17. Leaving the washing in the machine-82
  18. Returning home late in the evening – 82
  19. Messing around in the kitchen-82
  20. Walking home in the muddy shoes-80
  21. Cuddling children – 79
  22. Using bad language in the presence of children – 79
  23. Cooking dinner – 79
  24. Leaving closet doors open – 79
  25. How to park your car – 77
  26. Ignoring calls – 76
  27. Not being polite – 75
  28. Forgetting to say "I love you" – 69

All those who – however insignificant – add up to 2455 arguments in a year.

Commenting on the insurance Esure discoveries, Nikki Sellers, head of home insurance, stressed that quarrels having about 7 times a day I seem a bit too. Unless people undertake to put up with other habits and living down small daily irritations, they will be going to litigate that leaves them wondering if he should go to live with their partners.

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