Giorgio Armani Eyes of killing Lust red eye # 2

The new Armani to kill eyeshadows are burning a hole in my psyche as they were released in the United States an age ago (probably about a month, but internet-torture of things-you-can't-have-yet that is a decade, at least). They are a hybrid of cream eyeshadow pigment loose and lightly pressed together to give a smooth, creamy finish, sparkling eye tax and didn't budge. Shimmer finish is quite similar to a MAC mineralize eye shadow, but with a base that provides the best coverage and adherence.

There were about four of those released before Christmas, but none of those colors really grabbed me. When I saw the colors for the new release, I knew I had to have # 2 Lust red. A mottled Black/Red Ruby, seems completely impractical and again, called me even more # 4 Pulp Fiction (a melange Mole, which is a more typical for me). I basically bullying Mr London going to Selfridges to take this to me yesterday, after stalking the Selfridges counter and website for these to be released.

Comparison below clockwise from top left: red, Armani Lust in ether MAC Mineralization, high voltage cosmetics pigment dissolved into Freyr (from the collection of Scandinavian mythology).

Red Swatched: Lust, Freyr high voltage cosmetics, MAC air. This picture shows how the MAC is dusty and has less substance and coverage for basic tones relative to Armani or high voltage cosmetics (these are really excellent indie pigments, among other things, and well worth a look). MAC Mineralization shadows really need a good eye for base.

Sorry for the massive images of my eyes that follow. I found it very difficult to pick up the Red shimmer/sparkle in photos, and even in real life is Ruby luster, although more obvious than it appears in these photos. This probably makes more wearable compared to a shade of Red obvious or strong, but don't expect to get the red sparkle to stand strongly without some work; I found the eye about stroking with a finger has provoked a strong shimmer red, even though it's messier to apply with a brush. Something like a stick of Greasepaint MAC even more would shine red to stick to, and I might have a go with what I have to style black during the weekend.

My favorite app is a pat on the brush plate MAC 239. I'm wearing eyeshadow Rouge Bunny Rouge Atlas swallowtail cream as a base, although his eyes to kill you really don't need one I find that it softens the edges of black.
natural light

There is something similar to this eye shadow? I read that MAC beauty marked is a similar tone and finish (even if it appears the MAC presents even more of a challenge to get the shine red in it to show up when applied). Although high voltage Freyr has a lighter shade of the base, taupe/reddish purple, duochrome is stronger in this, so if you're looking for a smoky eye with reddish flash, this is a good (though not identical) alternative to Giorgio Armani to kill Lust red. Cosmetics of high voltage can be found at.

I'm glad I have this, and most likely to buy more (Hi, Pulp Fiction) If this formula to live up to long-term claims made for it. Report on that after I've worn a few times.


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