Blistex – looking after your lips

Blistex - Looking after your lipsWhether hot or cold, wet or dry, our lips are constantly exposed to the elements and are in need of protection. We would not go a day without our skin moisturizer, taking a shower or brush your hair so why we should treat our lips with every care less? If you're feeling more pout is dried a weetabix without milk then it is obviously necessary to give your lips some tender loving care.
Lovers of soft and smooth lip have long turned to Blistex sulk perfection, so read on for a breakdown of their convenient product range:
1. Lip massage £ 2.54

This is a great daily lip balm that is applied using an applicator massage that smoothes away any dry skin. With Shea butter to condition the skin, aloe vera to soothe and SPF 15 to protect this handbag is the perfect friend.
2. each day Lip Conditioner £ 2. 30

Olive oil, Grapeseed Oil, collagen and help keep your lips soft and youthful, with SPF 15 to protect your lips against the Sun.
3. Intensive Moisturiser £ 2. 30

Deal good for when your lips need an intense extras. If you have been neglecting sulk then this will help to replenish and maintain its natural moisture.
4. Relief Cream £ 2.00. 30
Chapped lips and cracking can breathe a sigh of relief, as the oil of peppermint and camphor to produce a calming and cooling to soothe sore lips. Eucalyptus oil and lanolin will help get your lips back on the shape of the tip.
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