Instyle Magazine – nails Giveaway Inc.

InStyle Nails IncMagazine freebies are a joy to live, especially when they include something that you can't justify purchasing full price or any shade.
Everyone remembers the benefit and collaboration Glamour , who had the hordes of crazed women trooping to the supermarket on their lunch to buy three of the same magazine Glamour? I still have all three of my pencils benefit proudly sitting on my dressing table and every time I look at them I think to myself ' HAHA I cheated, benefit is £ 42 ' when the reality of sin is that their marketing ploy cheated me of £ 11. 10 that they have spent otherwise.
Anyway, who cares? Marketing ploy by the love still good freebie and InStyle this month we are giving away 3 Nails Inc full-size glossy worth £ 11.
The scales were created specifically for Instyle and Candy Organge – an alternative to the brilliant but wearable, electric Teal Coral – a sophisticated but amazing dark green and Fashion Fawn – another take on the ever popular raw/beige.
If it is not possible to choose between three then you can take all of them from just 10 pence more than it would cost to purchase a full price nails Inc polish ... surely a steal!
Readers will be entitled to 30% off all purchases Nails Inc. Online and in store.
Pick up your copy from your local newsagent or super market now for £ 3.70.
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