What A high-end Salon NYC can teach Product Manager

Try to imagine the world perfect for a product manager: you have the choice of high-end customers, really no matter how expensive your product is – feel that should be at any price, and sales are virtually global recession-proof. Sound Impossible? Well it's not for a salon in New York City High-End and although it might not be in business to make women look beautiful, I'm willing to bet that you could learn a thing or two from this place ...

Welcome To Pierre Michel Salon

Right off the bat, let's all admit something here: never go to a salon is a necessary part of the day. However, there seems to be a lot of people really feel as if they couldn't live without this little indulgence.

Pierre Michel Salon in New York City is such a show. It is in such high demand that is easily able to fill a position in one of the most expensive city in the world all the time, becoming more successful.

Wendy Lee from the New York Times recently spent some time looking at what makes Pierre Michel Salon so successful. What he found is valuable information for every product manager.

This Salon employs 75 beauticians. This is important, because each of these specialists has its own customer base that loves and keeps them coming back time and time again. While in the lounge, guests visit one of 61 workstation (no, not like the kind of workstations that you're thinking of) where they can get work done on their hair, face and hands.

The relationship between the lounge and its customers is so close that when customers arrive, they almost never bother to enter. Instead, they head back to the workstation where you'll be worked without stopping. The second ranking its clients if they are new, regular or very regular.

At the end of any Saloon to stay in business, they need to have a steady stream of customers. At the exhibition by Pierre Michel on a summer day they serve an average of approximately 245 customers. During their busy season, I am able to handle up to 400 customers per day!

What makes this show so special?

So what makes this show different from which Pierre Michel Superacconciature down the corner from where you live? It starts with the people who own and operate the place: Pierre and Michel Obadia Ouaknine. They immigrated from Morocco back in 1970 and have been hard at work making people look good since.

In the Office of Pierre has a Bank of closed-circuit television screens that allow him to keep close tabs on each workstation in the lounge. He spends his time watching them in order to ensure that his staff is not only doing their jobs, but rather take the time to really pamper their customers.

We all know that in order for a product succeed you need to make money selling. This is yet another area where Pierre Michel Salon does a fantastic job. Haircut for women running $ 175 (haircut costs man $ 115 but includes nose, ear and eyebrow trimming). Hair colouring costs about $ 300. You get the point. Oh and don't forget the 20% tip for your beauty and of course a tip for all those who witnessed them.

Why so many New Yorkers are in this exhibition? According to Sue Ellen Gifford (a guru supercilii) realize that it takes three things to look good in New York: eyes, teeth and hair.

Pierre Michel succeeds because they've expanded their customer base to include men. They get haircuts, etc. at the Salon d'automobile, because just like women who want to look their best.

The Salon realizes that the most precious resource that their customers have is time. That's why they have installed wireless Internet access. Amazingly enough this way their customers to continue to work even while they are processed.

Finally, the success of Pierre Michel Salon boils down to one thing: relationships. Unlike at that Superacconciature that you can go at this exhibition you will see your favorite designer over and over again. In fact, many customers have seen the same as a stylist for decades-is that for customer retention?

What this means for you all

Every product manager can learn from the success of Pierre Michel Salon. Clearly I'm a runaway success and there are several things they can teach each product manager.

All of us like paying lip service to the idea of customer service, but Pierre Michel Salon lives and dies for how good a job they do on this. Oh, and do a really good job. Instead of creating a service that require their customers to comply, instead they did the services that they offer folding and busy lives of their client in the form.

In so doing have created a product that not only sells well in good times, but also sells well during recessions. Product Manager who spend too much time focusing on how you look at a web site or the production of brochures of products even more and not enough time on customer service, you must pay attention. Spend time to make your customer feel good about how to use your product can pay handsome rewards.

Dr. Jim Anderson

Dr. Jim Anderson was a manger product to small startups, as well as in some of the biggest IT shops in the world. Dr. Anderson realizes that for a successful product, it takes an entire company working together. He will share his insights and guidance on how to make your product a success.

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