Alima as well-review with satin Matte olive 0 Foundation

Pictured above-Satin Matte Foundation sample Pearluster Olives, Mocha, eye Shimmer Powder shining example in Lumina and tinted Lip Balm with pomegranate.

I've moaned before about how difficult it is to get a good color match for my olive skin pale. Most do to see yellow counters and try to match me with something hot, but I'm actually more of a pale beige with greenish undertones and foundations very yellow make me look like something out of the Simpsons.

Alima is a mineral make-up company that makes the mineral Foundation in a wide range of shades. My shadow is olive 0 match, a pale olive tones (but not China) beige. Olive shades are pink or yellow beige without, Beige are beige-fishing with a hint of yellow and the neutrals are peachy pink or yellow without. Could wear (and I used and sampled, respectively) 2 neutral and Beige 2 in the past, but olive 0 represents a better for me. I saw that olive skin is paler than mine (the girl in question very sportingly described herself as having the complexion of the girl from The Ring) and I think if this is the case that you would need to go to a Beige or neutral tones in either 1 or 0 (if you're really extremely pale). Oliva is a depth of about 20 MAC.

One of the things I really like about Alima Foundation is in it--the ingredient that can give many minerals Foundation finish looks almost metallic ' glow ' there is no bismuth oxychloride. I tried to brands that include this ingredient in the past and found that they made me look a little data from Star Trek.

Image of the Foundation applied with Lumina luminous Shimmer Powder applied on top of my cheekbone.

This is not quite in focus, but includes a couple of spots that are usefully raised to show coverage that you can get with this Foundation. It also shows that there is no sign of tide on my jaw.


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