American Apparel nail lacquer in the Office

This is another of the enamels of American Apparel, which I picked up recently as part of their bargain £ 17 for three. The Office is a Polish Mint green, and this photo in strong sunlight faded and somewhat.

Going by the pictures of Chanel Jade (that wasn't fast enough to nab) this is a dupe reasonable for it, even if the Office is somewhat paler. American Apparel's formula is excellent (image with two hands, and three days later I have minimal tip wear without a top coat), but the brush is rubbish; not uniformly cut and a bit draggy. I noticed the difference when I pulled out a Polish OPI for the toes. I'm really looking forward to the Mermaid's tears from Pirates of the Carribean imminent OPI collection, another shade of cream and Mint.


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