A Bead Bracelet-not Trollbead

The glass pearls in this necklace are all handcrafted. Pearls bracelet, and silver are all trolls.

From left to right, glass beads are from: Summersday, Meesmerel, Summersday, Eagle Bay, Eagle Bay designs and drawings all next four from Meesmerel.

Summersday is Dawanda and its range of beads, priced from € 10 to € 15. Selling extremely quickly when you load a new batch, so it's worth adding yourself to the list of notification email if you are interested in his beadwork. I bought quite a lot more from you because the two on this bracelet, and I am very happy with them. She makes beautiful beaded floral and very often has a colour bubble beads, which are very versatile in combinations with more fancy beads. She is based in Germany, so there are no worries of import.

Eagle Bay is an American craftsman designs, then be warned that it will probably be stung for VAT and tax handling of Royal Mail (£ 8!) on these (Customs seems to be controlling everything at the moment). These are no less expensive than Trollbeads, but are absolutely gorgeous. Knowing that HMRC will be hard for me, I'm still tempted to order more custom beads from this creator of heel.

Meesmerel is on Etsy, and his troll beads-silver solid core size are generally $ 20 each (the pearls of specialist materials, such as old earth style, are a bit more). She is based in the Netherlands, so no sadness customs with this purchase. I also found you to be really helpful and accomodating-I made a couple of custom orders with you.


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