Looking Great at Any Age: Enhancing the Positive Features and Making the Eyes Look Younger

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Beauty and appearance are of great importance, especially in this day and age where we all have access to information, cosmetics, clothing and accessories, among many others. However, it is sad to see so many who don't put in any effort at all, and some that do it all wrong. Enhancing all the positive features and playing down the no so flattering ones is the key to looking great.

That said, how does one go about enhancing the right features? Well, it all depends on the individual and what makes them beautiful, because all of us are beautiful. As we age, the eyes usually give the number away so it is important to make them look younger. Make up is of the essence, but it has to be done right.

It should all start with cleansing, moisturizing, concealer, foundation and translucent powder. The way in which the eyes are made up is next. That involves some eyeliner, eye shadows, mascara, and eyebrow liner. One has to keep in mind that if the makeup is heavier on the eyes, the rest of the facial features should be subtly addressed, otherwise the result is too overdone and ultimately unattractive.

Enhancing the eyes with eyeliner or with an eyeshadow is recommended, however, it doesn't have to be brown or black. In fact, you should try other colors like purple, navy or deep greens for a change, especially for those with fair skin as it looks softer.

Use fresh eyeshadow for the lids, going lighter toward the inner eye, darker toward the outer eye and at the crease. This application makes the eye look less tired and more alive and youthful. Above a certain age, one should avoid creamy or shimmer shadows because they get into the the fine lines of the lids, making the woman look older. Stick to matte colors instead.

Remember to fill in the eyebrow either with a pencil specifically made to do this or with shadow. Grey is a good color for brown eyebrows because it looks more real, however a light shading of brown will do fine as well.

The eyebrows frame the face, so it is important that this step is not overlooked or avoided. Furthermore, it is important to have them shaped properly. Some women don't have many options because of the natural shape they were blessed with, but others with thick brows can literally change their look very easily.

The more emphasis on the eyes, the more subtle the lips should be, and vice versa. However, a woman should use a lip liner to enhance the lips, but without going overboard. The older we get, the more necessary it is to wear blush, as well. It's only natural for the youthful color of the cheeks to disappear with age.

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