Slumber Party

"Are you all right?" Reiko asked while looking down at her. She had short silver hair and deep red eyes. Her school uniform was entirely messed up. She fumed as she flipped over and looked up at the aggravator of her humiliation. He had a pair of faded blue jeans on with a black vest with a dragon on it. It fit him snugly. "Are you talking to me?" she said noticing him hovering over her. Her books went flying out of her hands when she tripped on the last step of the stairwell leading to register class. "I'm fine, I'll be transfigured by our teacher into a stopwatch any second, but all in all I'm fine" she answered with a bored-tone. He smiled, took hold her arms and hauled her up, "Good to know" he said softly. "Didn't I just say that I was late?" she said, she was still held in his grip. "Who cares, she never notices anyway" he said with a shrug as he let go. "... Yeah" she said with a smile and started to pick up her fallen property. He bent down to help, "My name is Reiko". She looked up with a smile, "Jo" she answered still having that bored-tone to her voice. "You're so sweet" he said with wonder in his eyes. Her textbook slipped from the pile in her hand, but he caught it just in time, "You want go to a movie sometime?" he abruptly spluttered out. Her eyebrow lifted as a smile hit her face, "Aww, and miss the excitement of watching paint dry at home? Sure" she answered. He chuckled, turned on his heel and jogged off -not to register class though. "Hey, my textbook, you can't take it! I need that!" Jo yelled, 'Dork'. She sighed, drew up her shoulders and headed off to Register. "Hey, Jo" a voice said and running was heard towards Jo's position. "Hi..." Jo said. "Oh, where is he? Nothing else can get you pumped up" her friend said looking around. "He ran off a few seconds ago towards the pool" Jo replied and cracked a smile. "And?" the girl urged while snaking her arm through Jo's. "He asked me out" Jo answered inattentively and came to a stop. "So? Details, details! Tell me how he looks, the works!" the schoolgirl interrogated on as they continued -not to register class but to the school Quad.
Ring Ring...
"What is it now?"
"Is this Jo?"
"And you're calling me why?"
"I don't know if you can... remember me... but, I'm Reiko"
"You do realize I need my mathsbook"
"I'm sorry! I was so freaked out! I forgot to give it back" he apologised in a soft tone. "How did you get my number anyway?" she asked. "You wrote it on the back of your textbook" he replied. 'I wrote that for Misato!' she thought as a cold wave rushed over her, "You've got to be kidding me" she accused. "Do you have boyfriend, I'm sorry I didn't ask this first... but" Reiko said carefully. "I had a bf, a loving bf... and I killed him" she said sweetly. "Nice!" he said approvingly. "I don't suppose that this throws you out of whack, does it" she said in disbelief. "Nope" he answered and took in a deep breath, "Okay. So how about that date tonight?". "Don't wait up" she said flatly but he already hung up. Reiko stood up from his bed and put his cell phone away. "Melchior! Melchior!!" Reiko yelled happily as he ran out his room. He found his brother walking down the hallway while drinking coffee, "Guess what?!" Reiko said happily. "... you're going to tell me anyway" Melchior said with a grin. "You know Misato from class?" Reiko said and jumped in place. "Yeah?" Melchior said and took a sip of coffee. "I am going on a date with her" Reiko said cheerily. "That's great..." Melchior said in a good-for-you tone. "It's awesome, I know! Got to go!" Reiko said and suddenly stormed off. Melchior's brow lifted for a second. His brother ran to his room and slammed the door shut. "Not again" he muttered nodding his head and shrugged.
Knock knock knock...
Knock knock knock...
"Nobody's home!"
Knock knock knock...
"I said: Go Away!!"
"Reiko, go see what idiot's at the door"
"Why do I have to?" the voice from the bedroom next to him resounded.
"Because I'm older"
"...that's not even a reason."
Reiko Walters stood up anyway and sleepily walked to the door. He searched around for the key on the counter next to the door until he found it. He slowly opened the door only to come face to face with four other boys.
Takao Reinhart; Kaoru Sanders; Alphonse Carter and Akito van Heerden stood in front of their door. All of them wore their pajamas and apparently preparing for a party too.
"What's all this for?" Reiko asked softly as he looked down at several bags next to the door. All the bags contained chips, soda, music cd's and torches. "The slumber party, duh" Alphonse said with a smug look on his face. "You're not having a party here" Reiko said and yawned. Alphonse wore his brown hair in a low ponytail with no shirt, only long legged pants and a trench coat on.
"What idiot dares disturb my peaceful slumber?!" Melchior growled as he walked to the door. Reiko turned to his brother and opened the door further to let his brother see what is making his face distort in agitation worse than a man making a call to his ex-best friend. Melchior's face momentarily didn't register who stood in front of him.
"One would think they'd outgrow things like this" Reiko said in a bored tone. "We said: GET LOST!!" Melchior bellowed and slammed the door shut. "Aww... please, Melchior! We walked all the way here!" Takao pleaded sweetly through the door. He was wearing long dark blue silk pants with stars on them with a white shirt."They did walk a long way, Melchior" Reiko said softly, although the thought of having all of theTak clan over here was enough to make him barricade himself in his closet for a month. His short black pants and green shirt was ruffled to such an extent that trying to straighten them was impossible. "So? Then you won't get lost while walking back there!" Melchior answered through the door and irritably ruffled his brown hair to rid himself of his frustration of being woken up at eleven before starting down the hall "Idiots woke me up during the best dream ever... Revy... those idiots!!".Silence ruled the house for a moment. "Come on!" Alphonse urged as he started to imitate a little puppy. Melchior suddenly rooted to the spot. Reiko braced for impact, he knows his brother is combustible when he's tired. Melchior turned on his heel, walked back to the door, moved Reiko out of the way and wretched the door open. "What will it take to get you freaks off my porch?!!" he bellowed. The echo resounded through the house and the entire neighborhood.
"Nice lungs, Mel!" Kaoru cheered from behind Takao. Kaoru's light blue tank top had little yellow fish embroiled on it and this shone slightly from the porch light. Melchior stood for a moment fuming in front of the door. Reiko just smiled as he sleepily rubbed his eyes.
"Get inside!! Get inside!!" Melchior screamed and stood to the side. Akito stood at the back and shook his head, "Geez, you'd think this happens often" he grumbled as he pulled his baggy shorts down a bit and straightened his red tank top. One by one they filed in while grabbing the bags each also earning a death glare from both Melchior and Reiko. The first one inside -like usual- was Alphonse. Alphonse was the original leader of Tak until Melchior took over. He has brown hair and emerald eyes. Next inside is Takao: he's the jock of the group. He is the blonde haired and brown eyed softy. Kaoru is the cupid of the group; he has a tendency to follow Amara Masitaka wherever she goes. His black hair and blue eyes win favor with most girls, but not her. The last one to enter is Akito. He's the peacekeeper and mediator of the group. He has the typical blue eyes and blonde hair cutie but avoids the female kind like some kind of a disease.

They walked into the Walters' household and took a quick glance around before heading to the TVroom. Melchior shut the door and locked it, "Let's just get this over with" Melchior said with a grumble. Reiko walked past but was grabbed by Kaoru and Alphonse and being dragged to the TV room. "Touch me and I'll kill you" Melchior hissed under his breath just as Akito and Takao wanted to do the same to him. They were all plopped down in front of the TV.
Akito rummaged through one of the bags before retrieving a DVD-box from it and swinging it around in the air, "Who wants to watch Black Sheep?!" he yelled happily. Kaoru grimaced, "You watch that garbage?" he sneered. "What's wrong with Garbage?" Takao threatened. "Nothing..." Kaoru whispered with a roll of his eyes. "Can I go?" Reiko asked sweetly. "NO!" Alphonse yelled and walked to the TV cabinet and opened the bottom doors of the stand, "Here" he said and tossed several pillows to them successively. "Do you have some kind of addiction to lightning, Al?" Akito asked as he lifted the dark blue pillowcase with yellow lighting bolts on it to the air. "Bite me" Alphonse yelled and threw the bag with chips and soda to Akito. Akito caught it and handed each of them one. Alphonse sat back down between Melchior and Kaoru, "Play it already!" he yelled. Akito shook his head once more and pressed 'Play' on the remote, "Impatient, much?" he hissed. "Don't you have anyone else to bother" Reiko complained and buried his face in the pillow Alphonse had thrown at him. "Suck it up" Alphonse countered but ended up on the floor after Melchior had slapped him behind the head -HARD. "You know what? Reiko is right" Akito said with a nod.
He stood up and walked to the DVD-player and opened it. "Arigato!" Reiko thanked and started to stand up too. Suddenly the humble surround sound system in the household was turned into the rave centre of the twenty-first century as house music filled the TV-room. "You're going to wake up my neighbors!!" Reiko protested and ran to the stereo. Takao grabbed hold of him and turned the music further up. Melchior grabbed his ears trying to muffle out the music, "You're insane!!" he accused with a grin. Akito smiled sweetly as to reply. They all started to dance to the music although Reiko took some persuasion to join in without resentment.
The only one not dancing was Melchior, who was fuming beyond belief about this intrusion. "Music is to dancing as boys are to...?" a caramel whisper was heard in his ear. "What?" he said and turned around, "Amara?" . The girl smiled, her long purple-dyed curly hair swinging to the music, "Fancy meeting you here. Mind if I bring a few friends?". Her purple eyes sparkled with excitement as she tugged on her mini black skirt. Her red crop top just covered everything; she also wore over the top a black blouse, fully unbuttoned. He blushed slightly and looked away, "Not more of you!" he protested with a loud growl. Through the window of the study Melchior could see five other girls climb through. "NO!! You have to go! I have enough problems!!" Melchior screamed frantically. They kept on coming in anyway. Reiko peered over to his brother and stopped dancing long enough to see what his brother is trying to put a stop to. The first to enter was Rei Keller wearing a brown jacket, white tank top and leather pants. "Hi, Mel" she said happily and walked towards him, "Thank you for inviting us".
Following was Eureka Reinhart, Takao's sister, weaing a pair of jeans and a navy blouse, "Ola!". Next up was Misato, the leader of their little group, wearing a green strappy dress, "Evening" and brushed down the dress after she entered. Jo entered after Misato, "Another lame party?" she said in her usual bored-tone, "Hi, Melchior, hope we're not the cause of you busting a cap". Melchior looked like he could explode any moment. Reiko walked over to his brother and leaned on him, "This might be fun, loosen up" he urged and invited them to the TV room. The last to make the entrance through the window was none other than Etna wearing her red tank top and pink short skirt. "TAKAO!!" Melchior yelled, now entirely awake, "GET YOUR GIRLFRIENDS OUT OF MY HOUSE!!" he screamed and walked over to the nuisance of a boy, "Out! Out!!".
Reiko walked over to his brother and put an arm around him, "C'mon, we're all awake anyway, let's just enjoy the party, okay?". That did nothing to lessen his brother's mood. "If you don't I'll tell your mom you are the one hosting this little soirée while she was gone" Amara said with a sneer. Melchior hung his head and turned the music back on. "I have a better idea" she said and sat down on the floor, "Truth or Dare". Everyone except Reiko, Melchior and Akito sat down. "Don't be such a wuss!" Rei pleaded and clasped her hands together, "Please! For me!" she said sweetly. Akito rolled his eyes and reluctantly sat down. Reiko ended up dragging Melchior down too. "Now, since I initiated I go first" Amara said with her husky deep voice, "Let's see... who I should pick... Reiko!". Reiko's head shot up from where he was trying to pry Rei off Kaoru, "What?" he said confused. Rei took the opportunity to latch on Kaoru -like usual- and not let go of his arm whereas he, in turn, had given up on trying to pry her off."Truth or dare?" she said with a sneer. Reiko rolled his head, "Oh, just dare me" he said knowing that truth would probably something worse. "I dare you to... organize a flash mob for two o' clock" she said and laughed to herself. "Flash mob...?" he repeated and shrugged. He took his phone from his pocket.
Flash mob
02h05 @Jamesson University, in front of ArtsTheatre
4 potatoes,frm group 'Tak'
written on items:"Amara's idea"
He sent this to all the listings in his phonebook in 'Private number' setting. "There we go" he said smugly. "That is so not a dare!!" Jo protested and yawned. It was already twelve. "Now, I pick Misato" Reiko said with a sweet smile. Misato blushed slightly and brushed a bang of blonde hair behind her ear, "Truth... Let's hear it then, I don't have all day". Reiko grinned, "Have you ever kissed another girl?" he asked and started to chuckle. She bit her lip, "No" said blushing. Reiko laughed out loud, which caused his brother to elbow him in the ribs. Misato took a deep breath, "Melchior... pick" she commanded. Reiko's brother seemed taken aback, "Why me?" he said irritably, "Fine, dare me". Misato grinned, "Kiss...." She started. Her eyes waded across the room for a moment searching for a suitable victim. Melchior started to blush deeply, "Kiss?" he repeated softly, and not sure that he'd heard her right. "Kiss... Alphonse" she said.
This made everyone laugh but at the same time look very shocked at Melchior. Alphonse leaned back, "No... now wait a minute! He's a guy!! I'm a guy!! That's just wrong!!" he protested. Melchior's mouth hung open to protest but nothing came out. Amara tilted her head, "Then there's no gender issues" she offered with a grin. Melchior sat rooted on his spot. "Dude, Yaoi fantasizing much?" Alphonse said disgustedly and huffed. Etna laughed, "Well, I don't see anything wrong with a boy-boy relationship, do you?" she said and looked to the other girls who merely shook their heads in support.
Melchior gave a shudder and pulled Reiko in front of him, "I am going to be sick" he said turning green. Reiko waved his hand in front of his face, "Can't we do something else?" he offered to Misato. She shook her head and shoved Alphonse unto of Melchior. "Get to it" she ordered. Melchior edged back. Alphonse sneered and grabbed the sides of Melchior's head pulled him closer and threw his cloak over the both of them. "Whhooaaa!! Yeah!!" Rei cheered. Bunches of wolf whistles were also heard. Meanwhile, "So how long do we have to stay like this?" Melchior murmured while blushing like mad. The trench coat was extremely hot and having it right on top of them was not helping.
Alphonse's face was right next to Melchior and he could feel how Melchior's face twisted into a frown, "Shut it, at least this beats us doing a French tongue-tango" he whispered and put his thumb unto Melchior's lips. "What are you-" Melchior started a muffled protest but froze as Alphonse put his lips to his thumb. The only thing separating them from what they were actually supposed to be doing was Alphonse's thumb which acted as a barrier. 'I am going to die' Melchior thought in shame. Alphonse closed his eyes as if in a real kiss, threw off the cloak and quickly enough drew back so as to make it seem as if they did kiss. It was a cool breeze brushing against him as Alphonse stood up and walked back to his seat with a grin, 'I am so good' Alphonse thought smugly. Reiko yelled in disgrace as he grabbed hold of his brother's arm, "HOW COULD YOU?!!" he bellowed.
Melchior looked over to his brother with a dazed expression, "I... just". Everyone else was so busy cheering they didn't notice what actually happened. "What's wrong, Reiko?" Eureka enquired with a teasing smirk "Wanted to keep your brother to yourself?". Melchior's face went bright pink, "That's just nasty!" he yelled and threw a pillow at her. They all bursted out laughing.

Firecrackers? "Check." Lightsabers? "Check" Potatoes? "Double-check" Limited edition Barbie-goes-to-Hollywood? "...uh.... No?"

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