Micropigmentation Concept and history

Dermopigmentation often referred to as permanent makeup is a cosmetic method based on the application of inorganic type colors directly in the epidermis to earn the tone, accent, outline and modify defects around the area of the lips, eyebrows and eyelids; This is to highlight the beauty of the face so sweet and natural, be really useful for the effective flow of Lady which requires a personal life though make-up wonderfully done their work, the Sun or water.

Permanent makeup, was once a luxury, but now it has become essential and one of the most cosmetic techniques applied for benefits which leads him to feel relaxed, beautiful and always fully ready at any time, with the advantage of cutting on all expensive makeup and cosmetic products.

History of Dermopigmentation

Current practice is a technology-based product derived from techniques more than 8000 years ago, used by Eastern societies that used grass-based pigments in face and body with spiritual or mystical ends, or just for socio-cultural approval. For the 1960s and 1970s the dermopigmentation was adopted by modern medicine as a normal treatment of aesthetic plastic surgery and dermatology. The progression of techniques and materials reached their peak during the 1990s and up to these days, it is now considered as a first line for women who need to correct the defects found in them-eyebrowseyes and lips, leading to what is perceived as a process of rejuvenation.

The micropigmentation is an alternative to the very long term, going from 3 to 5 years, but is not an alternative as no permanent tattoos, the same difference between both is the type of pigments used. Makeup colors do not contain lead and are left in the most superficial layer of skin, while tattoos are the ones left in the deeper layers of the skin that ensures their long term after the fact.

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