Fresh for summer: Chanel Lilium Eyeshadow Quad

I find that Chanel collection summer 2011 evokes a feeling of freshness. Summer is the time to wear pure colors and upload on bronzer — at least for me! There is a wonderful facility with beauty summer, a time when less is really more. I think it's because Eyeshadow Quad of Chanel in Lilium appealed to me. While I wouldn't normally gravitate towards the green light, that of Lilium is pure with browned.
I'm honestly shocked to say this, but I think the green light here makes the quad. Is unique to me and something that did not opt for a single. So have a little faith-phobes are green, this colour works! I like the layer above a base of gold on the lid or use in interior angles. I'm having fun challenging myself with a new color.
The other three shades are so strong. The Rose has a soft, feminine and opalescence goes with anything. The wild green yonder is as beautiful as a liner or smudge around the circles and the viola reminds me of Taupe Gris by Fall 2010 Chanel collection.
What do you guys think of Lilium? You do not feel the Green, or?
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