A clothing line, You Will Love: Yumi Kim

In February, when I started my cooperation as a young & Posh Glamour.com blogger for a PR company introduced me to the clothing line, yumi Kim.
I have never heard of them before, but I absolutely loved everything!  I actually felt the brand as was designed with my lifestyle, personality and figure in mind.  Wishful thinking, but I'm obsessed.  The dress pictured at left is from them and I recently visited a new boutique with my friend in Gramercy Park wore a ton from the line.  I've never seen advertised or in stores, so I had to say about it.
Recently, I bought a Navy silk blazer and my friend bought it in every possible color bright.  Tons of celebrities are supporters.  Take a look at the site and I'm sure if you're a reader, you'll be a fan BeautySweetSpot too!  Attention: not cheap so shop at your own discretion!


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