Bright day face with OCC Anime and La Femme

I've been meaning to try tars Lip OCC for age; from the UK blogger IMATS when really started last year in raving about them. While buying some La Femme eyeshadows and blushers from (Lipglossiping made me do it) I finally got one in the Anime, bright pink.

I think Anime breaks my camera, because it is actually still brighter this in real life. It is an absolutely brilliant, shocking pink, bright, and I love it.

The eye make-up is quite simple; La Femme eyeshadows in naked as a base, Beige pink on my lid, crease and emerald in Taupe with Gel sealing Illamasqua line the upper eyelid.
I'm also wearing blush La Femme in pink satin, a fresh pink glittering.

Eye Shadow:
The redness La Femme eyeshadows are £ 2.95 and are excellent, especially for the price. They are somewhat loosely pressed so get some dusty fall-out on the Pan when you take a brush color (like the palettes-divine elegant) but at £ 3 is a minor quibble (and tolerable).

Some of the colors The Femme went out from when I bought my (fault Lipglossiping!), but should be getting them back into stock quickly enough and worth keeping an eye on website cosmetic Cocktail. I bought some other colors that'll show you in another post soon with some samples of all of them.


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