Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit reformulated

CERN can stop and dismantle the Large Hadron Collider, Bobbi Brown now, because he has discovered the secret of the universe and concealer.

I'm not sure rather would go that far myself, but a good under eye concealer make a difference if you're short of sleep or just naturally prone to dark circles (I'm both. Miss London still sees 6 a.m. for being a year old).

I like the old formula, Bobbi Brown concealer Kit that came with the creamy concealer and a mini pot of face powder.

Old kit (Ivory) new Kit to left to right (warm ivory)
How to replace the powder with a pressed powder, concealer himself has been reworded to be a little less emollient.

New Creamy Concealer on the left, old right Creamy Concealer

While Blogger was down, I made a video using the new kit and comparing it with the old kit.

Actually I prefer the creamy texture of old Creamy Concealer personally, but I think the rewritten version will be easier for more people to use.

Disclosure: reformulated kit was provided as part of a blogger's launch event for this product. I bought the old one.


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