Bobbi Brown Lip Color is Rich cosmic

If you've searched for a lip color long-wearing, non-drying and catching attention, let me direct your attention to the Color of the lips of Bobbi Brown Rich. This is the newest addition to the line of lipsticks, Bobbi and she certainly livened up things with this launch! Available in 12 shades, from naked in bold, this lipstick lives up to its name. The formula is incredibly rich and pigmented, and just a shot gives fabulously colourful lips.

L-r: Mod pink, pink, Plum, raspberry cosmic
A sliding ladies – no joke. Here's how I swatched them! The best thing about these is creamy Lipsticks as they are. Completely prevents any unwanted flakies lip dryness and meets or just looking for attention! Trust me to wear these lipsticks and you will get noticed. I'm going through a moment of great cosmic spring with Raspberry.

I promise you, that cosmic raspberry is also brighter in person. I took this picture after about 8 hours of wear, and apart from some tweaks after eating and drinking coffee, he remained to perfection without fading.  I think this would be so flattering color on anyone – it's just a punchy Raspberry. I think the side effect of wear it is excessive smiling (and some smizing too). Because when wearing a color like this, how can you not be happy?
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