Does Any Wrinkle Treatment Really Work?

If you have tried anti-aging wrinkle treatments, chances are you have tried one that doesn't work as well as promised. This is not uncommon for consumers to experience for a number of reasons. While there are many opinions as to why that is, the question still remains, does any wrinkle treatment really work? The author provides a unique perspective; a nice balance of both manufacturer and consumer point of view.

The largest problem with anti-aging products delivering 'results' is not the quality of the wrinkle treatment, in fact it is not the skin care manufacturer's fault at all. The number one problem is consumer expectation. Consumers buy a wrinkle cream, hope it's the best and use it for a week, maybe two before throwing in the towel or stopping use. Outrageous claims of products being scams and rip offs surface the marketplace, but is it really any of those things?

The fact is that by choosing a topical wrinkle treatment as your solution to aging, you are choosing a less expensive, slower working alternative to invasive procedures or expensive injections. Whatever the reason is that you are choosing topical wrinkle treatments is your business, but understanding how, when and why these products work is necessary to reach consumer satisfaction.

Consumers demand instant results and they want it cheap and they want it guaranteed. While it would be nice if life is really like that, it's far more realistic to find the best wrinkle treatment and expect to use it for an extended period of time to see the results they desire. But what about the manufacturers promises to deliver results in short periods of time?

It's true, manufacturers take a position that there products work very rapidly, some instantly, and deliver all the results they could ever imagine. This is vastly overstating what the product will do for the average consumer, but it is necessary for them to compete in a marketplace full of instant gratification demand. Sure it would be nice to have a company lose out on millions of dollars a year to approach the business with full disclosure, but in reality they would just have to close their doors. It will take both consumers as well as wrinkle treatment manufacturers to make the necessary changes in the marketplace.

While it would be nice to sit around and wait for the American culture to change, chances are we will be far too dead by then to care about our wrinkles. What we can do, however, is change the way that we go about our wrinkle treatment purchases. We can read the best wrinkle treatment reviews and we can research the active ingredients, read the clinical studies and understand the actual time frame needed for results. Accepting that it may take months to get results is not that large of a sacrifice. How long have you been purchasing and trying wrinkle treatments, only to have you hear today reading this article about how to find one that works? More than 90 days? How much time are you really saving then? It is better to slow down, get realistic expectations, make a purchase with the intention of using it for 90 days. Not only will this save you money, it will eliminate all the time and frustration you spending trying to get your refunds and the automatic billing to stop charging you. As much as we may want to believe that it is the wrinkle treatments themselves that should improve, it is really us that needs to re-evaluate our expectations. If instant and complete is what we absolutely must have, perhaps topical wrinkle treatment just isn't the option you should be considering.

The author is a managerial editor in a weekly beauty magazine set to release a new mini-magazine entirely devoted to reviewing skin care products and offering consumers tips such as the best wrinkle treatment and best eye creams. He is one of the pioneer writers in this new endeavor.

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