We've Fallen in Love with Lucky Magazine's Jean Godfrey-June

Sephora's Facebook page is giving our clients a private look inside the makeup bags of four top Beauty Directors who have seen, heard, and tried it all: W Magazine's Jane Larkworthy, Teen Vogue's Eva Chen, Marie Claire's Ying Chu, and Lucky's Jean Godfrey-June.

While reading their collective beauty wisdom, we were completely smitten by Jean Godfrey-June. She has the most unique voice in the industry, and writes about beauty like a wild-eyed poet who has sampled the milk of paradise, discovered it erases her dark circles, and wants everyone to experience her delirious satisfaction. Her writing is so wise, so freewheeling, and so cool. We wish we could have a drink with her and try on makeup with her—possibly at the same time. In the meantime, you can read Jean's high-octane commentary and all of our savvy experts, here, in this feature exclusively on Facebook.


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