Fake Tan: Avoiding the fake look

Fake Tan is a funny old thing-while we all admit to having used some of the things in those months where to get a Tan the old fashioned way was proving tricky, nobody wants to admit it! This is why it is important to try to get the look that indicates that a Tan is natural, though most people will know that it is not! We are here to assist you with our advice on avoiding that look fake with the fake Tan: follow them and can have many bronzed-and happy-the months to come, especially with summer on the horizon!
Fake tan is a funny old thing - whilst we will all admit to having used some of the stuff in those months where obtaining a tan the old fashioned way was proving tricky, no-one wants to admit it! That is why it is important to try and get the look that indicates the tan is natural, even if most people will know it is not! We are here to help you with our tips on avoiding that fake look with your fake tan: follow them and may you have many happy - and bronzed - months ahead, especially with summer on the horizon!

Remove any unwanted hair from your body. Body hair is one of those things that is deemed evil when it comes to the perfect image, so we know you won not need much persuading to get rid of it in advance of applying your fake tan. Not only will the tan affect the color of your skin, but it will also color any hair that it comes across, wherever it finds it. Obviously the last thing you want is some orange armpit hair visible, so wax or shave at least 24 hours in advance so that you can keep everything respectable!

Exfoliate in advance. If you have ever painted a room, you will likely be well aware that the previous colors will show up underneath the first coat in areas where the material you are painting over is rougher or more greasy. Well, your skin works in exactly the same way when applying fake tan! Exfoliating in advance will mean that your skin will be as smooth as possible when you tan, meaning that the finish will be far more flawless and will easily avoid the obviously fake look: after all, the last thing you want when on the beach is to look like a first coat!

Moisturise before applying any tan. Whilst this will be much more important to those who suffer naturally from dry skin, it is important to make sure that you fully moisturise your body before adding any fake tan, as any drier areas of skin will soak up much more of the tan which will lead to much darker areas in the finish - and then you are on the road to looking like a purse! Thoroughly moisturise any dry parts of your skin the day before adding your tan, and you should be able to obtain a realistic and even looking tan.

Do not apply with your bare hands. If there was a golden commandment of fake than then this would probably be it: always apply fake tan whilst wearing specialist gloves that cover the natural skin abrasions and patterns that are part of your hands: if you do not then you are going to end up naturally causing smudges in the finish of the tan. Imagine trying to clean a mirror: you would not use your hands for that because of the finger marks - fake tan works in exactly the same way, so always use a specialist item to apply it. There are plenty available, so there is no excuse for not following this rule!

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