Mac-Surf! Color of the child

Another limited edition collection is here from Mac and this time is based around the art totally awesome surfing.
Mac - Surf! Baby Colour

With powder cheek, pigments, Lippies and sprinkled with pencils and mascara and some packaging totally sweet surfing! Baby colour collection actually presents some of the most attractive and wearable shades that I saw in a limited edition collection for some time.
When he was Mac Limited Edition collections now exit I try not to get caught up in the hype as in the past I've bought things that would not have dreamed of collecting that appear in the main line (I'm looking at you ask women and venomous villains).
However, I was in the Mac, the other day, picking up a face and body and a nice color coral pink soft caught my attention.
Is a strange potion lipglass, as that is really rather tacky last a good bit on the lips. The color has some pink shimmer that crosses to give him some extra depth, but is in no way super bright and subtle. The mix of pink and coral make this uber-flattering shade when worn with the paler skin tanned or natural, or a bonus for those days without fake tan. Finally the pigmentation is worth a mention as it seems to be much stronger in other lipglasses with a semi-matte finish. This means that raising standing really well when worn alone, but it seems just as good when worn over corals or pink Lipstick.
Check out the Surf! color collection where you can take the odd potion lipglass for £ 13.50.
Peace out dudes!
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