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Hot Roundup - Websnob Weekly Hot Picks
Warm shoes! Hot handbags! The best skincare and a new movie! Plus much more. Damn! Check out what's going on around the web this week!

Immaculate on your shoulder (or slung across the body) and impeccably crafted and this Delvaux at Bag Snob is an investment worthy of bag snob.

Beauty Snob has four eye creams that we've come to cherish and rotate on a regular basis. Here is the cream of the crop eye cream!

Inspired by one of Gwyneth Paltrow spring seems to Coquette London is the best knee skirts to jeans.

The jet set Girls review new Pirates of the Caribbean OPI.

In the style of the city located swimwear summer chic that doesn't drain your budget.

Shopping and Info wants to know if he wore a denim swimsuit if it is made by D & G?

The shoe goddess takes a look at € ™ s playful Aperlai fall 2011 collection!
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