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Happy Hair Day Marshmallow and CoconutFor a period of years now I've been on a quest to find a free from nasties shampoo, which leaves hair looking like a Bush neglected and unpruned. After trying various brands such as bare, the Body Shop and Lush to name just a few, unfortunately I have very few positive points to report about paraben and mineral oil free products, that is until now.
Hair happy days is a new range of shampoos and conditioners for pride including how few nasty chemicals as possible, and even if they do not claim to be completely 100 percent natural offering a good range of delicate products.
The range consists of the following elements:
-Blueberry and PEAR Smoothing Shampoo and conditioner
-Lemongrass and Basil glossing Shampoo and conditioner
Pomegranate and Ginger-Shampoo and conditioner
-Marshmallow and coconut color care Shampoo and conditioner
I opted for the color care shampoo and conditioner and was presently surprised with the results.
Despite being mostly bad free, Happy Days hair shampoo in fact still creates a generous amount of foam due to ammonium lauryl sulphate, which is respectable and non-toxic. In addition to this, does not need to use a large amount of conditioner to leave my hair feeling soft and manageable.
This product receives a great big thumbs up from me and more is accessible and affordable.
Happy hair day shampoo and conditioners are priced at £ 4.07 and are available both boots from or Sainsbury.
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