Forget surgery, here's how you can keep back in

Sleeping beauty-choose your pillow with attention

Bury your face into a pillow every night can put pressure on your skin, which in turn can reduce blood circulation in the face. Over time this may break down collagen and cause lines and wrinkles. A silk, satin or cotton pillowcase with a high number of threads will minimize the friction on your skin.

Waking up with a glow

If you mix a blob of exfoliating cream with nightly, wakes up with a fresh face smooth in the morning.

Hydration overnight

During the night the skin rests and repairs himself. Use a humidifier or place a wet towel over the radiator at night to replace the humidity in the air and keep the skin hydrated.

Morning Routine

Dry-brush your skin with a Loofah first thing in the morning before taking a shower. You will feel the benefits as accelerated the flow of blood and sets it invigorates skin tingling-a great way to start the day.

Brief showers, skin cream Boost

You can revive the active ingredients in all skin care products applied to damp skin. Overwhelmed hands wet face and body before putting on anti-wrinkle creams and serums of cellulite and not only will that work immediately, will also penetrate your outer layer of skin more easily.

Facial corrections

Moisturize before make-up. Always apply moisturizer five to ten minutes before putting on make-up, you give your skin healthy optata up look.

Get rid of puffy eyes

Keep two teaspoons of metals in the fridge. Gently place the metal cold on any swelling round eyes and press for at least 60 seconds to reduce the swelling.

Pinch away wrinkles

Many people hold stress in the area between the eyebrows and stress time may develop lines. When you feel your forehead knit together the concentration or stress, take a moment to pinch the muscle there.

Choose carefully your lip balm

For dry, chapped lips use oil or beeswax-based cocoa butter and flavored lip balms as you will be tempted to lick them and aggravate the problem.

Hair care

Extra shiny hair, finishing with a final rinse in cold water. Cold water helps to smooth the hair cuticules, which means light will bounce off them, leaving hair looking super shiny.

Super Shine

Let loose hair in bed

Never jump into bed with her hair tied in a pony tail or clip yet. Your movements will cause damage to your hair like shooting accessories against cushions.

The power of your hair.

Because hair grows with melanin pigment within it, eat foods that increase the production of melanin. Copper is an important nutrient for the production of melanin and can be found in oysters, Crab Nebula. sunflower seeds and walnuts.

Dying for change

If you want to get rid of the grey, never go to the natural color of hail, dye instead a lighter tone to be more flattering.

Body Booster-puller Quick tummy

Most of us spend too many hours sitting that may contribute to slack belly muscles and a spread of middle age. When sitting at your desk, you try to tighten the muscles of the stomach and down to at least 20 seconds, four times a day. Alternatively, you forget to sit. Try to make your ordinary tasks while standing or walking around. Long periods of time spent sitting can lead to an increased risk of thrombosis and swollen ankles.


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